Toonami is back, bitches!

2012-05-27 03:15:54 by OmnislashMaster

Just in case you've been in the dark, or not on Twitter: TOONAMI IS BACK!

And it's a real blessing, too. Perhaps it's nostalgia talking, but Toonami was not only the highlight of many an afternoon for a grade schooler in the 90's (damn, just mentioning the 90's already makes me feel old), but also introduced to me the clusterfuck of awesomeness - and often obscure - genre that is anime, a breath of fresh air that was a farcry from the family-friendly antics that usually was spewed from Western animation at the time. Well, it wasn't all bad I suppose. I mean, I did grow up along with some of the best animated shows to hit airwaves with Animaniacs, Batman, etc.

Anywho, since my induction to the genre, I always held anime as a standard that animation shouldn't only be a marketing tool to draw a younger or general audience to fill theater seats. And while I am not straight up suggesting we need more adult-for-the-hell-of-it material like Heavy Metal, I still await the day that western animation will finally have it's landmark mature animation - in the vein of Akira or Ghost in the Shell - and see western animation climb to a new potential.

But, that is a train that won't pull in for a long while. At the very least, I think programs like Toonami are desperately needed, and much appreciated. Now let's see how they can keep this going. With enough fan dedication, and a little luck, it can be something golden again.

Stay classy!


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2012-05-27 07:46:32

Fuck yeah! I was pretty excited for Deadman Wonderland!